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1. General information

Our Company was established in December, 2001 under Company name «DOK AUDIT» and successfully operates in highly competitive market of auditor services in the Republic of Uzbekistan since January, 2002.

 In 2011 we became a Member of the International network of the independent auditor organisations


The “KRESTON INTERNATIONAL” network was established in 1971 in the Great Britain and now is one of the world's largest international networks of the independent auditor organisations. Kreston International has 600 offices in 98 countries of the world with more than 20,000 highly skilled employees. The Network’s revenue for 2014 is over 2 billion USD.


   Kreston International is a member of the Forum of Firms, an association of international networks of accounting firms, its goal being to promote consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. Kreston members commit to comply with the professionals standards appropriate in their respective countries.

Forum of Firms

In 2013 the Management of “KRESTON INTERNATIONAL” network sent its experts to Tashkent for the purpose of quality check of services provided by our auditor company and their conformity to requirements of the International standards of quality control (ISQC).

Based on the results of testing our Company has acquired the right to use in the name a network brand “KRESTON INTERNATIONAL” for advancement on the world market.
In August 2013 we registered the new name: Audit organisation “ KRESTON TASHKENT ” LLC.

Membership in one of the largest international auditor networks allows us to provide a wider spectrum of services both to domestic companies and foreign partners, and also to invite for work in the projects the professionals of the highest level working in all points of the world.

Thus, combining the international experience with practical experience in Uzbekistan, our company can render quality auditor services which are considering the requirements of the client as much as possible.

 “Kreston Tashkent” LLC is listed by the State Property Management Committee of Uzbekistan that empowers us the exclusive right for auditing any enterprises with the Government’s stake of 50% and more.

By results of rating of the auditor organisations that is annually conducted since 2008, “KRESTON TASHKENT” LLC invariably joins the highest group «A++» representing the list of the most reliable and dynamically developing auditor organisations from total number of the auditor organisations, having the license for the right of realization of auditor activity in Uzbekistan on carrying out the auditor checks of all types of entities.

By results of rating for 2015 the “KRESTON TASHKENT” LLC is on the top of rating among eight Uzbek auditor organizations that have rating «A ++».

Professional responsibility of “KRESTON TASHKENT” LLC (former «DOK AUDIT» LLC) for 2016 is insured by the Insurance Company “Garant Insurance Group”. The insurance sum makes 1 000 000 000 (One billion) сум.

The staff of our company consists of 8 auditors, each of which has certificate САР. Besides, two auditors have certificates CIPA, two auditors have certificate DipIFR, one auditor has the certificate of Tax adviser.

There are also the experts who are not auditors but have qualifying certificates such as:

CIPA (Certified International Professional Accountant)
DipIFR (Diploma in International Financial Reporting)
САР (Certified Accountant Practitioner)
Securities Market Specialist Certificate

Upon conclusion of the contract we establish responsibility for appropriate quality of auditor’s services.

2. Auditor services

Experts of the company have long-term experience of audit of financial and economic activity of the enterprises and the organisations of various branch and organizational-legal specificity.

The basic direction of our activity is obligatory audits. However, the essential share in volume of rendered auditor services is made by initiative audit expertise, audit of special issues and consulting services. In our point of view, it indicates a trust of our clients to experience and professionalism of our employees, their confidence in getting the qualified help concerning accounting, tax law and civil law.

3. List of clients

Our Company has performed the audit of Projects in Uzbekistan financed by the International financial institutions such as:

  • Uzbekistan Rural Enterprise Support Project financed by the World Bank and implemented by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation together with Sheladia Associates, Inc (USA) (in 2013-2015); 
  • Uzbekistan Rural Enterprise Support Project financed by the World Bank and implemented by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation together with Sheladia Associates, Inc (USA) (in 2013-2015); 


Our other largest clients are listed below:



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